Sunday, November 23, 2008

Parking Garage A

Parking Garage A from Douglas Howard on Vimeo.
I get a call to shoot my friend John doing some longboarding.
"Doug, lets meet 10-10:30 at UCF Garage A." "AM or PM?" I replied.
"PM of course, see you there!" " MMMM, OK" (click). Glad I did!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Man look at tomorrow!
Had to wear socks today. Most of you realize this is difficult with Flip-Flops

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kickin Review for Perfect Sky Productions

Schuyler and Michelle's cameras with some editing by me:

Bill and I are both finally home together and we watched our wedding video on Thursday night - we could not wait to see!
Being as we both handle events, I mentioned to Bill before we viewed your work that things were so busy leading up to the wedding that I was late on our questionnaire - so I was not sure how the day would be captured... and then we watched... and watched.. and WOW!!

We were both in tears at some points, and thrilled at the amazing work you did to capture our special day. We absolutely loved the music you selected and how you placed everything together. The artistic ways you captured our expressions and the events of the day will now live forever not just in our memory, but on DVD too! You and Michelle both were so non-intrusive that day, this was important to us and you captured it all but in a stealthy way! We also loved having the toasts on DVD so we can hear them again.

THANK YOU for making our wedding come alive, I can tell you we went back and forth on having a video of the day, and now we both said we are SO glad we did. Bill and I both feel in retrospect wish we had budgeted more for getting ready footage and also the HD format. But in the end, we are thrilled: we were drawn to your work, and you definitely delivered! Please feel free to give my email to any client references should you need any.

Thank you, Colleen Knight

cc: Brandee Gaar
(Brandee - WOW, let me know if you have any brides who are thinking of video, we are so glad we did this!)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday Night Fun Friday Morning Pain

Sky & I were out terrorizing last night. Started out at a Bridal networking event where Lisa Konecny from E-Events was speaking about goals and the "package" when sending out to clients...great stuff!
Then to a movie that was sold out..rats! So we ended up at Wally's on Mills. 
All I can say is "ouch" my head.

Ritz Wedding November 8, 2008

 Jacoby/Walker Wedding Trailer V.2 

Juniors Diner Monday Morning

Sky and I were at Junior's diner and got a bit competitive about a shoot we did over the weekend at the Ritz/Carlton for E-Events. We decided to BOTH do our own version of the trailer (short) format, and get the input of our peers to decide who's they liked more.
Look for the two videos for Jacoby/Walker and let us know what you think. Here was the teaser. Here is the link for the site to vote your choice. The Url is: