Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Toy Monster Trucks

This was too cool to pass up. The effect was a "tilt-shift" produced in CS3 Photoshop which normally is a lense effect with a camera.
This guy Keith Loutit lives in Sydney AU and is very talented. This makes you feel like ants!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hot off the press, or the edit box.

A touching trailer for Alex & Dawn.  Produced with FCP, 2 HXA1's, GL1 and a few other cameras. The "Tree Cam" timelapse in the final product will be good fun. Cameras were Schuyler, Michelle and myself for the shoot. The fabulous Karla Fountain for photography & the crew at the Buena Vista Palace.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Deep Fried Turkey Day

MMMM, there is nothing like a fried turkey shot up with Mojo seasoning! 3.5 minutes a pound (20 pounds). 
The bad thing is when your all ready, timed perfectly, and then the regulator decides to die 2 hours from the 6:30 pm  dinner hour for 12 people, so off to Miller's Hardware , they were out, Home Depot, they were out, Panic!!!!!!
Home Depot did have a brand new Turkey Fryer Kit for 70 bucks, so I now have 2 fryers and 1 working regulator. All went well for the fry, and only 1 hour behind. Everyone happy and full, lots of good wine and cheers
The Turkey coma took over as I slumped over on couch. My work was done!